Blockchain NFT Collectibles on BSC and Polygon

Find your new one of a kind digital best friend! Best thing with these cats is there are no litter boxes to clean!

Choose your favorite or collect as many as you want!

These super cute HashCats were bred using a unique text to image generator that can be found at We used a series of wallets created using the Bitpay wallet on desktop and created 20 public keys per blockchain, per private key. For the initial releases we used Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, and Bitcoin Cash BCH addresses. We also have a small rare collection that are called ‘Key Kitties”. These kitties are created using a private key identifier number and one of the 12 words from that private key. These are the rarest cats in the series. So each release will contain 60 HashCats (20 addresses per chain) and 12 Key Kitties, 1 kitty per key word.

The HashCats live on our home collections using Binance BSC and Polygon blockchains. The Polygon collection can also be seen on The local BSC and Polygon markets only take the 10% commission fee per sale, there isn’t an additional marketplace fee like Opensea charges.

Future releases to other blockchains such as HIVE and WAX are being planned for the future. Special limited releases from other blockchains addresses or tickers may work their way into the collections as well!

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